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Choose the right garden shredder

What to do with branches from the size of your shrubs and hedges? They clutter your garden and are difficult to transport! The solution ? The crusher ! It makes it possible to reduce this plant waste by 60 to 80%. And once reduced to chips, this wood is easily bagged for recycling green waste, or better it joins the compost or makes an excellent mulch to protect plants from the cold of winter

The selection criteria related to plants and the gardener

The plants to grind

Cleaning of beds, pruning of hedges, roses and other shrubs ... the mulcher will not have the same characteristics depending on the work carried out in the garden. Power and cutting system vary depending on whether you are mulching foliage or branches. Target your needs to target your shredder.

Green and tender plants
You have a small garden, without a large shrub and no large pruning work to be done before winter. So you mainly need to shred: flexible leaves and branches, but also small plant waste such as wilted flowers, wilted vegetable plants, dead leaves.
Choose a conventional shredder with a blade cutting system or a turntable. A power of 2000 W will allow you to cut branches up to 35 mm in diameter.

Soft and medium-sized branches of wood
You have a slightly larger garden, where large shrubs, a beautiful hedge and middle-aged conifers grow. The pruning work is already more substantial and you need to shred branches up to 40 mm in diameter. Opt for a powerful electric shredder (2200 to 2500W for a torque of 600Nm to 650Nm), with a blade system with a knife-holder rotor, and a funnel chute for passing large branches.

Hardwood branches, large in diameter
You have a large garden, almost a park with large trees, dense hedges of several years, and an orchard with old fruit trees. Carry your choice on a cutter rotor grinder capable of grinding branches 45mm in diameter. On the power side, favor a powerful electric motor (2800W).

User comfort

The grinder is an easy to use device. Turn it on and pass the roughly trimmed and delimbed vegetables through the chute. You collect them at the exit in the form of wooden cutters.

Moving the shredder
A shredder with wheels and a reasonable weight for you (10 to 30 kg depending on the model) can more easily be brought close to the branches you have just cut.

Pass the branches through the shredder

The supply chute is the tube located at the top of the mill. The narrower and taller it is, the safer it is, but the more the branch should be straight and well cleaned of all foliage.
The funnel-shaped models save you time. They allow you to grind more plants at the same time, especially less prepared branches, which have kept their leaves. To this is added an automatic training of the plants in the device avoiding you to push them yourself by hand: less effort and more safety!

Pick up at the outlet of the crusher

If the model does not have a built-in collection box, remember to extend a tarpaulin under the discharge chute. Moreover, the more it is vertical, the less it risks becoming engorged. Thus, the new models of shredder with integrated tank no longer present this risk.

A noise level to take into account

Grinders are noisy devices. Their use generates a noise level of 90 to more than 100 dB depending on the model. This is the same noise level as a lawn mower or an electric chainsaw in use. Cutter rotor mills are the least noisy due to their cutting system, reaching around 88dB.
It is therefore strongly recommended to wear hearing protection: headphones, earplugs, etc.

The shredder manufacturers have made their device very safe: circuit breaker in the event of jamming, suitable pusher, funnel chute, automatic plant drive, etc. However, these safety elements do not exempt you from personal protection: noise-canceling headphones, protective glasses in the event of projection, etc. (See the paragraph on safety advice)

Selection criteria related to the shredder

The grinding system

The two main cutting systems for shredders offered by the manufacturers are the blade turntable shredder and the knife-holder rotor shredder.

The rotary blade shredder

The principle of the blade cutting system consists of a plate supporting reversible knives (which increases its service life). The motor rotates this plate at high speed: 3650 rpm at Bosch thanks to its fast Powerdrive motor coupled to an additional gear. The system remains noisy, but allows very fine grinding of branches from 30 to 40mm in diameter. In the event of a jam, the release is done manually, by accessing the turntable.

The knife holder rotor crusher

This is a toothed wheel which drives and cuts into small rings the branches 40mm in diameter, or even 45mm for a high torque of gears. The motor turns this rotor at 41 rpm. Slower, the engine is quieter. In the event of blockage, it is enough to reverse the direction of rotation of the wheel to bring out the engaged branch.

Other cutting systems

The turbine system : a cutting system with profiled funnel which practically prevents any blockage.
Grinding by mobile flail : the branch is first sucked up by a large pre-grinding blade to be then cut more finely by 12 mobile flails.
Engine power and gear torque
Opt for a shredder with a powerful electric motor (2800W) if you have a large fleet where the use of the shredder is very frequent during the year. Electric shredder models can reach a cutting capacity of 45mm, thanks to an innovative cutting system: the turbine system (see above).
For gardens with a more reasonable surface area, the 2000-2200W electric motor will be the most suitable for autumn work, with only a few uses per year.
The higher the torque, the higher the cutting capacity. Thus, a gear torque of 12Nm overcomes a small diameter of branches (35 mm), while a torque of 650Nm grinds branches of 4cm in diameter without concern.


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